Facebook Post, Monday 22nd August

Oh for fluff’s sake, it is around half past four in the morning.

The Israeli Military has been invading, attacking and making arrests at the Freedom Theatre, based in a Refugee Camp in Jenin since half past one in the mornining.

Here is the Freedom Theatre: http://www.thefreedomtheatre.org/

Everybody is taking turns to give very very angry phone calls to the District Commanding Officer, pretending to be freelance journalists, demanding to know what is happening right now, but they refuse to tell us. So, the District Commanding Office is doing their job very very well, obviously…..

I tried to call as an angry British journalist (“I DEMAND TO KNOW RIGHT NOW WHAT IS TAKING PLACE AT THE FREEDOM THEATRE WITH THE ISRAELI MILITARY, I HEARD THAT YOUNG CHILDREN ARE EVEN BEING ARRESTED!!!”) But they don’t give in to not telling you. I’ll try as a French journalist right now…..

Shall I keep you in the loop? xxx

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