Facebook Post, Thursday 25th August

Maybe some of you have heard of it before, but I’ll put it up here just in case you haven’t:


Tomorrow is a very common day for local demonstrations to take place in the West Bank. Now, plans have it that many popular committees up and down the West Bank are coordinating actions from FOUR areas surrounding Jerusalem, to ease their way into the city and make way for Al-Aqsa Mosque.


These four entrances into Jerusalem- all of which will be expecting demontrators to be present- are….

NORTH- Qalandia
WEST- Biddu, a village located very closely to the Wall
EAST- Shufat
SOUTH- Bethlehem

I wanna tear down Qalandia checkpoint (metaphorically speaking. Gotta keep it safe on Facebook) so I’m planning with an affinity group of internationals to attend the demonstration in Qalandia. Some of us will be attending the demonstration in Bethlehem as well.

As we would expect, the Israeli military will be stepping up their game for this huge protest going through Qalandia, Bethlehem etc. Tear gas and sound bombs aren’t the only things I would expect being fired from them. Hmmm.

Oh alcohol wipes. The only type of alcohol that I like. Perfect for countering tear gas.

Roads from Ramallah to Qalandia will be closed, they know that this is coming. Looks set to be intense, Insh’Allah nothing dreadful will happen. I hope that the worst will only be arrests….. :-/

So, all eyes on Palestine, please!

Love and Rage, xxxxxx

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1 Response to Facebook Post, Thursday 25th August

  1. The Hairy Man says:

    The ONLY alcohol you like?!
    Stay strong, we’re all backing you

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