School kids in Al-Bwayre

Though there is very little to report, the latest action of today is still worth discussing. Thank goodness, it was so calm! The children of Al-Bwayre leaving school for home each day (notice the Palestinian school kids theme of today’s posts) are in a similar situation to the children of Hebron. They must pass local settlements, and are vulnerable to their taunts and their attacks.

Path and fencing separating it from the settlement, but not preventative from settlers bullying children

Military presence in a form of an observation tower

Just like the initiative to facilitate children to Cordoba School, today’s action could probably been a repeat of this morning, minus the presence of the Israeli military.

The route to school is located past a settlement, the stretch of path is at around 300 meters. Within minutes, they arrive safely at home as they turn the corner leading into their own villages, but the road block beside the settlement makes the area rather quiet, and as one would imagine, no Palestinian vehicular access is permitted, despite young Palestinians taking the same route.

Roadblock restricting vehicular access. Children no longer driven to school safe from settler attacks

There were four volunteers present, and a very small trickle of children coming from time to time. Not as individuals, but as groups. And not a settler or a soldier present! A very quiet day.

As the approach us, we tend to greet the locals and the children themselves in Arabic. So they know which side we’re on 😉

Well, we made some wonderful friends! If only I knew Arabic though…. I’m not going to upload any of our pictures, that would be a little inappropriate me thinks. But Palestinian children are so wonderfully friendly!

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