JDL in Palestine?

If you’ve been keeping up-to-date with all things Palestine-related, then you would know that with the advent of September and the UN vote, leaked documents show that the Israeli military are currently training and arming illegal colonisers (I won’t use the term “settlers” anymore, because it sounds too fluffy) with tear gas and stun grenades, to suppress any potential dissent and unrest in the coming month from the Palestinians, as part of  “Operation Summer Seeds”. Oh yeah, not to mention the “red-line” rule- when colonisers (I’ll get used to using this term!) can open fire on feet and legs if we cross this boundary.

Then there’s this:


Armed and trained colonisers, guard dogs (watch the above link!) and now….. the Jewish Defence League in France and its latest initiative is to bring foreign reinforcements with military experience into the West Bank to combat any unruly “Palestinian occupiers” (their words, not mine).

My friend forwarded me this e-mail:

 Here is something very serious : The French Jewish fascists of the LDJ (Jewish defence League, Kahana Mouvement) are publicly recruiting people with “military experience” to go to the West Bank from 19 to 25 September in order to help the settlers to agress “Palestinian occupiers” . This is on their website, and the French governement (that blocked normal passengers wanting to fly to Palestine last July) tolerates this.

We are going to call people to go to Roissy airport on Sunday September 18 (at 11 am) where El-AL stands in order to demonstrate against this outrageous “trip” and against the French Government’s complicity. We are asking other French associations to join.

Could you please circulate this and issue a press release or AN open letter to the french government to protest against this ?

And if you can read French, here it is featured on the Jewish Defence League’s website:


Well, September is promising to be a very fascinating month…..

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